Parish History

Dinedor Hill
Dinedor Hill

Dinedor is a scattered Herefordshire village, lying around 3km south east of the county town of Hereford. It contains around 135 residential properties housing up to 200 individuals. The village is dominated by Dinedor Hill, an Iron Age fort, which lies at the south end of Dinedor Ridge. Dinedor Hill, or Camp, has always been an attraction for the people of Hereford and in times past many would take the walk up Watery Lane to enjoy the view and also refreshments at one of the Tea Rooms near the top of the hill.

There are two main centres of occupation, one clustered around the Church of St Andrew’s and the other on the slopes of Dinedor Camp.
Up until 1912 the vast majority of the land was owned by Rotherwas Estate, traditional home of the Bodenham family, this covered around two and a half thousand acres. This was put up for auction in 1912 and included in the sale were 15 farms, 19 small holdings, 25 cottages plus a blacksmiths shop together with shooting and fishing rights.

The church of St Andrew’s was largely rebuilt in the 1800’s but can trace its origins back to the 13th century. The ecclesiastical form of spelling the name of the parish has always been Dyndor.

Standing close to the church is the old village school which, in its prime, accommodated up to 40 pupils. This is now a private dwelling.
There are several fine walks around the parish which have recently benefited from the addition of information boards, signage and leaflets. Please keep to designated rights of way and respect landowner’s property.