Dinedor Parish Council Neighbourhood Planning Group

Dinedor Parish Council Neighbourhood Planning Group

Notes of the meeting of Friday 30 Janaury, 2016, held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm

Present: M Granthier S Penny

Apologies B Ferris

Three parishioners: P Lamerton, R Lamerton, C Griffin

1 Councillor N Austin wished to step down from the group and it was

therefore agreed that S Penny would become the chair.

2 Progress since the last meeting was discussed:

‐ the Herefordshire Council Core Strategy had been adopted and

was now the basis for all Herefordshire Neighbourhood

‐ a further grant had been received to assist in the development of our

plan and Kirkwells had been engaged to continue with the work of

producing the plan and guiding the process through

consultation to finalisation.

3 The group then considered a presentation of the latest version of

the plan as received from Kirkwells in January 2016. A

number of amendments were discussed and

agreed and the plan was amended accordingly at the

4 This amended version would now be forwarded to Kirkwells for

their consideration. When Kirwells had done this, they

would send us a further amended copy to be looked at

5 Next meeting agreed as 3

amended to 10

rd March 2016. (This was subsequently

th March by agreement).