Minutes 19th January 2016

Minutes of the scheduled meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 19th January, 2016 at 7.30pm in Dinedor Village Hall


Councillors Duncan Green (Chair) DDG, Chris Smart CS, Suzanne Penny SP, Julia Over JO and Nick Austin NA
In attendance Clerk Elaine Godding and 5 Parishioners

1. Chair DG introduced Richard Garnett – Sustainable Energy Enterprises Ltd to councillors and parishioners in attendance who wished to discuss a Sustainable Biomass Energy Station Planning Application at Rotherwas Enterprise Park.

Richard Garnett opened the presentation by stating this was part of a consultation process with the community of Dinedor and neighbouring parishes with a write up coming in the Hereford Times and another information evening on Thursday 21st January, 2016 at the TRP Board Room in Netherwood Road Rotherwas where plans for the proposal could be viewed and any questions answered.

RG gave a very comprehensive talk including slides and answered many questions. The Biomass Station would use recovered biomass and turn it into electricity and heat. The electricity would feed the local electricity grid. The fuel supply will principally be Poultry Litter, wood and sewage sludge and the residue forming a dry ash.

The electricity provided would supply up to 15,000 homes and create up to 50 new jobs working split shifts and involve 14-16 Lorries in transportation and collection of material.

The presentation finished at 20.15pm with DDG thanking RG for his attentiveness and reminded RG of the concerns currently with traffic and any developments on the Dinedor side of the new access road and invited RG to come and talk again with the parish on application to Herefordshire Council Planning. RG was very happy to do this.

2. Apologies for absence: Ward Councillor David Summers – Locality Steward Maynard Smith – PSCO Lowrie Anderson

3. To receive declarations of interest and written dispensations: SP item 12 on agenda – Village Hall letter – Non pecuniary – signed book, 19-01-16

4. To consider the minutes of the previous meeting – 17th November, 2015 – Minutes of the previous meeting approved correct as a true record, proposed by CS and seconded by Jo, duly signed by Chair DDG

Open session

4.1 To receive Ward Councillor report – none received
4.2 To receive Locality Steward report – sent via email – copy on file
4.3 To receive report from PCSO Lowrie Anderson – sent via email – copy on file
4.4 Response to letter sent to BB on Holme Lacy Traffic Calming – copy on file-
DDG consulted parishioners on response letter and it was decided further correspondence was required to address concerns especially now a new planning application for a Biomass Plant was in the pipeline – DDG to outline letter and send to Clerk.
4.5 Public issues – damaged litter bins to be replaced and salt replacement reported by SP. DDG noted previous request for this to be actioned as reported and agreed by BB. Clerk to action by contacting LS/MS
Broadband – CS has emailed Open Reach on progress – infrastructure is in place and awaiting paper process – agreement to be made possibly March, 2016. There are some black spots in the area with the possibility of grant aid.
Refuse collection – collection times are inconsistent.
Clerk to contact HFDS Waste Collection Services for explanation

5. Dinedor CAT DDG reported that the supporting documents have now been received from the Solicitor and are available for inspection by the public and councillors. The Solicitor advised that no septic tank certificate was available for the Outdoor Centre but all Environmental and Lease searches had taken place with no adverse implications.

It was Proposed to go ahead with the Community Asset Transfer by DDG RESOLUTION carried and seconded by SP with all council and parishioner agreement

DDG proposed an open meeting to take place on the management of the CAT with a paragraph being entered in the NEW NEWSLETTER OF DINEDOR and information to be posted on the NEW WEBSITE – JO/SP to action

DDG answered questions on management of the CAT and grants available from various bodies

DDG outlined the current access route as being un-adopted by HFDSC which may incur cost

SP reported that a questionnaire had previously taken place over the CAT

DDG finished by saying it was vital to keep a dialogue going with the current Tenants’ and every effort will be made to keep all parties engaged in this joint venture

DDG informed parishioners and councillors that insurances were to be researched in readiness for the transfer and advice would be taken from HALC and NFU would also be considered.

DDG proposed RESOLUTION for the signing of contract on the Transfer of Community Asset from Herefordshire Council to Dinedor Parish Council being Dinedor Camp, Outdoor Trust and Tele Mast, namely, as per Title Deed Land Registry – Proposed Purchase of Dinedor Camp, Picnic area and Open Space area (The “Property”) seconded by SP with full council agreement – Contracts signed 19-01-16 in readiness with good faith

6. Finance:
Payments agreed unanimously proposed NA and seconded JO – cheques signed by signatories

7. Precept:
DDG outlined principles of the budget with a surplus likely due to changes in Solicitor fees being a factor. There would be additional costs as per CAT, NP and insurances on the CAT.
It was RESOLVED to lower the Precept by £2,750.00 to request £9,000.00 for 2016/17 – proposed CS and seconded JO

8. Neighbourhood Plan:
DDG paid thanks to SP for taking forward the NP and noted Local Authority encouragement with participation in this process.
SP reported that a grant of £200 was accepted and the required spend needs to take place before 31st March or funds would have to be returned to HFDSC. Kirkwells Michael Wellock has been contacted to take this to the next steps to refine the Plan and a public meeting is forecast before the end of March, 2016.

9. Planning Applications:

9.1 Non Material Amendment – Planning Application No P153522/AM Land north of Tars Mill Farm Hollow Farm Road Dinedor – No objection by DPC
9.2Transmitting Station Dinedor Youth Centre – Planning Application No 153703 Proposed installation of 2 no VHF 5 element yagi antennas, a 600mm diameter dish antenna and development ancillary thereto – Dinedor Parish Council RESOLVED no objection to application for planning
10. Planning application 153148 – Rotherwas Service Station – Proposed replacement of service station sales building, retaining existing building for storage. Providing new wash bays to replace existing facilities – DPC no objection

11. Training:
Clerk request to attend training at HALC at a cost of £25.00 on Wednesday 24th February, 2016 7.00-9.00pm for “Hall of Fame” training course covering joint projects with Village Halls, reclaiming VAT, Custodian and Management Trustees, Management Agreements, Lease Terminology and Charity Law – RESOLVED agreement of full council

12. Village Hall:
SP spoke on behalf of the VH Committee for request of assistance by donation for the sum of £500.00 for the replacement and repair costs. CS reminded councillors of the importance of the VH and the work the committee engages in to keep it vibrant. Proposed by CS and seconded by JO.

13. Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 15th March, 2016 Dinedor Village Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th May, 2016 Dinedor Village Hall
Annual meeting 7.00pm
Ordinary meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 19th July, 2016 Dinedor Village Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 20th September, 2016 Dinedor Village Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 15th November, 2016 Dinedor Village Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th January, 2017 Dinedor village Hall 7.30pm

14. To consider date for next meeting 15th March, 2016
Consideration of early start 7.00pm to accommodate selection of management team for Dinedor CAT Committee and NP Committee members

Meeting Closed …21.25pm Clerk Elaine Godding