Minutes 17th November, 2015


Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 17th November, 2015 at 7.30pm in Dinedor Village Hall

Councillors Duncan Green (Chair) DDG, Chris Smart CS, Suzanne Penny SP, Julia Over JO and Nick Austin NA
In attendance Clerk Elaine Godding and 10 local residents

1. Open Forum:
4.1 DDG moved this item to the fore as the Parish Council had a guest speaker from BT Matthew Lloyd, Group Contract Manager.

DDG opened the Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm prompt with a vote of gratitude to Matthew Lloyd from BT for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to the council and local residents present.

2012 Contract signed with a forecast of reaching 90% of homes by 2016. The Rural areas are unique and challenging markets but the forecast is to get 30mgb to 36,000 homes by 2016 and is on target to reach a further 20,000 by the end of the summer, 2016. The overall coverage is good. The completion in Dinedor will be early in the New Year with fibre to the Premise then available from Internet service Providers (IPS’s)

Matthew Lloyd continued to disclose where there may be some degradation or poor service due to circumstances out of their control. He suggested it good practice to sign up to Fastershire .com for regular updates on progress within your areas. Any further questions he was happy to leave an email address should anyone wish to contact him matthew.lloyd@bt.com. DDG thanked Matthew Lloyd


4.6 Clerk attended Holme Lacy Consultation on Thursday 22nd October, 2015 and reported back to councillors – copy of email on file

Meeting attended 27th October, 2015 by Clerk Elaine Godding, Cllr Duncan Green (chair), Ward Councillor David Summers, Andy Hardiman Highways Team Leader and Jeremy Callard.
From this meeting DDG gave a report to councillors and members of the public on the traffic calming measures being planned for by Highways of two Pelican crossings – cycle paths – and at a cost of £400,000. Comments were made by the members of the public and it was RESOLVED to follow this up in writing to Highways Tam Leader, Andy Hardiman of the discord of communication and lack of Partnership working with the Parish Council
Letter of communication on file

2. Apologies for absence: Ward Councillor David Summers – CSO Lowrie Anderson and Locality steward Maynard Smith

3. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensations: there were none

4. Minutes of the last meeting: one amendment to 4. Dinedor Camp to read Dinedor CAT, amended and signed by DDG and RESOLVED by member councillors
JO asked for a copy of the DRAFT Minutes to be sent to Lower Bullingham Clerk Kath Greenow
Clerk to action

5. Dinedor CAT

5.1 DDG communicated to the Parishioners and councillors that a Solicitor had been formally appointed to act on their behalf and this will be H Vaughan Vaughan & Co. Next Steps will be the request for Land Registry/Deeds as part of Due-Diligence. The decision made from Due-Diligence and the Solicitors comments will then give the council a clear idea of proceedings ahead to report back to the public and councillors.
Letter sent 28th September, 2015 – copy on file
5.2 Delegated Powers to Clerk – Action taken – Part Legal Fees paid £460.70 sent by registered post
Copy on file
5.3 Meeting at HARC – DDG opened the discussion by reporting of the meeting which took place at HARC on 29th October, 2015 at 3pm with Clerk EG, SP, Tim Hoverd and Andy Preedy Outdoor Trust. SP made it very clear that the Parish Council wished to work with the Trustees and hoped for a mutual co-operation.
NA supported the co-operation
DDG outlined that the PC would have ultimate control with Historic England guidance over Management – PC would own CAT – Outdoor Trust could Lease
DDG proposed waiting for the Solicitor to complete searches/liabilities and then do a Business Plan and this was RESOLVED by councillors with public agreement.
Management Plan – Tim Hoverd has agreed to complete this for a fee of £400 and DDG proposed we do this with full support of the council.
Letter of appointment sent to Tim Hoverd by Clerk – copy on file

6. Finance:

6.1 Letter to HSBC change of address/Clerk actioned
6.2 Closing balance unchanged due to change of Clerk address
6.3 Cheques presented were signed by DDG and NA as being correct and agreed by all councillors

7. Precept:

DDG reported that more work had to be done and it was not appropriate to finalise this at present.

8. Neighbourhood Planning:

SP agreed that she would be happy to take this project forward with applying for a Grant and said that she would be attending a Neighbourhood Planning Seminar on the 18th November, 2015 and that she would present her findings at the next PC meeting.
DDG proposed and JO seconded with an all in favour vote.
SP confirmed that public meetings would be a large part of the Neighbourhood Planning process and they would be duly advertised.

9. Website/Newsletter:

9.1 PC to proceed with new PC Website, Eyelid Productions, Mark Millmore. This Website gives access to a fully functional purpose built website for PCs with funding by application through HALC.
Application form presented to HALC 25th November, 2015.
Proposed by DDG, seconded by CS and all councillors agreed.

Printing costs £33.00 + VAT – 130 copies – black ink on coloured paper – 6 editions per year reported by SP and JO.
Future costs will be offset by advertising businesses and sponsorship.
DDG and the public pledged their congratulations to councillors, helpers and those willing to deliver for their time and expertise in resurrecting the Newsletter for Dinedor.

10. Planning Applications:

10.1 Application No: 152978 Land adjacent Maes Y Felin, dinedor – Ward Councillor David Summers refused to give consent to this Planning Application (Retrospective) and informed PC that he was waiting to see if the Application was approved by Herefordshire Council or would go to Cabinet for further investigation before decision made.
Councillors objected under ‘Material matters’
10.2 Application No: 152986 transmitting station at Dinedor Youth Centre – Decision made 23rd November, 2015.
Notified by Herefordshire Council on 23rd November, 2015 the WITHDRAWN APPLICATION
10.3 Application No: 152707/PA7 Land at Tars Lodge, Dinedor – determination made not requiring prior approval
10.4 Application No: 152566 Land at Tunnel Works – extension supported
Dinedor Parish Council supports the reclassification to convert into a living space as a good use of a redundant building and support as being sustainable.
Unanimous support from DPC in this application
Letter referring to support, material considerations and public support to follow
10.5 Earthworks – no further comments at present
10.6 Core Strategy – Approved

11. Date of the next scheduled meeting – 19th January