Minutes 17th May 2016

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 17th May 2016
at Dinedor Village Hall

Present: Cllr. Duncan Green Chairman
Cllr. Chris Smart
Cllr. Julia Over
Cllr. Suzanne Penny

In attendance: Liz Kelso Clerk/RFO
16 Members of the public
Councillor David Summers – Ward Councillor
Agenda item 10 only
(Min. ref. 34/2016)

25/2016 Election of Chairman

Councillor Duncan Green was elected Chairman of the Parish Council to hold office until the next Annual Parish Council Meeting. Councillor Green signed a declaration of acceptance of office.

26/2016 Apologies, Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensation

Apologies were noted from Councillor Austin.

There were no declarations of interest or requests for dispensation.

Councillor Penny made a statement in connection with a report to the Monitoring Officer alleging that she had failed to declare an interest relating to the acquisition of Dinedor Camp. She explained that her response to the Monitoring Officer had been that her property was not adjacent to the land forming part of the Community Asset Transfer, that the map provided to the Monitoring Officer by the complainant was incorrect and that ownership of the land forming the Community Asset Transfer had no impact in any way on her property. A response from the Monitoring Officer is awaited.

27/2016 Election of Vice Chairman

Councillor Suzanne Penny was elected Vice Chairman of the Parish Council to hold office until the next Annual Parish Council Meeting.

28/2016 Public Participation

During the period set aside for Public Participation a question was raised with regard to the provision of mirrors on blind corners etc. It was agreed that the Clerk write to Herefordshire Council to seek guidance.

29/2016 Minutes of the meeting held on 17th March 2016

The Minutes of the meeting held on 17th March, having been previously circulated, were noted. It was agreed that the Chairman be authorised to sign the Minutes as a true record of proceedings at that meeting.

30/2016 Clerk’s Report

(a) Traffic Flow Data

As requested at the last meeting, the Clerk has requested traffic flow data from Herefordshire Council for the B4399. After several promptings, Jeremy Collard has contacted the Clerk having been given the task of providing the data requested. During the telephone conversation he commented that he believed, but could not substantiate, that traffic has increased since the Southern Relief Road was constructed.

A formal response to the request is awaited.

(b) Complaint to Balfour Beatty Living Places

A formal letter of complaint to Balfour Beatty following their letter to the former clerk of 23rd February has been sent. A response is awaited.

(c) Hereford Area Plan Meeting

As instructed at the last meeting, the Clerk has attended a preliminary meeting of those parishes surrounding Hereford City with a view to making a proactive input into the Hereford City Area Plan. It was noted that the boundary for the HAP has not yet been defined and there is some concern that the boundary might overlap outlying parish boundaries, impacting on neighbourhood plan areas.

A further meeting has not yet been agreed but will be convened as soon as there is further information.

31/2016 Financial Matters

(a) Payments

The following payments were approved:

Mrs. E. Kelso Petty Cash reimbursement £39.22
H. Hurley Expenses – Unrecorded Ways Project £29.97
Came & Company Insurance Renewal – Min. Ref. 31/2016(j) £273.75
Kirkwells Stage 1 payment for Neighbourhood
Development Plan £1,900.00
VAT £380.00
Total payment: £2,280.00

(b) Balances

Following receipt of £4,500.00 being the first instalment of the precept for this year and £639.54, being the VAT reimbursement for the year ended 31st March 2016 a balance on the account of £23,355.31 was noted.

(c) Standing Order Payments

It was agreed that instructions be given to the bank to make payments in respect of salaries and any corresponding payments to the inland Revenue relating to the employment of the Clerk.

(d) Bank Mandate

It was agreed that Councillor Julia Over be added to the list of Councillors authorised to sign cheques and other instructions to the bank. In all other respects, the mandate is to remain unchanged and in particular it was noted that two signatories are required on all instructions to the bank and cheques.

(e) Annual Risk Report

The draft Annual Risk Report was present to the Parish Council. After some discussion it was agreed that the Annual Risk Report as attached to these Minutes, be accepted.

(f) Annual Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016

The Annual Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016, as presented to Members, were agreed. It was noted that total expenditure for the year amounted to £8,772.18 and the surplus for the year of £3,177.82 was added to reserves, indicating reserves carried forward of £17,563.

(g) Report from the Internal Auditor for the year ended 31st March 2016

Members confirmed the appointment of Herefordshire Association of Local Councils as internal auditor for the year and noted and accepted the report from the Internal auditor for the year ended 31st March 2016.

(h) Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2016

• Statement of Assurance

Members discussed each of the Statements contained in the Statement of Assurance, confirming responses to each statement as now contained in the Annual Return now attached to these Minutes. The Chairman and Clerk were authorised to sign the Statement of Assurance on behalf of the Parish Council.

• Accounting statements

The Accounting Statements for the year ended 31st March 2016 as noted in the attached Annual Return were approved. The Chairman and Clerk were authorised to sign the statement contained in section 2 on behalf of the Parish Council.

(i) 2016-17 Budget

The Budget for 2016-17 as attached to these Minutes, was confirmed.

(j) Insurance Renewal

In accordance with the Long Term Agreement, it was agreed that the annual Insurance policy arrived by Came and Company be renewed at a premium of £273.75. It was noted that this does not include cover for Dinedor Outdoor Centre, which will be added to the policy as soon as the transfer completes.

32/2016 Dinedor Community Asset Transfer

(a) Progress Report

The Chairman provided a progress report noting that a meeting had taken place with the Outdoor Centre who indicated a willingness to work with the Parish Council to manage the Camp in accordance with the Management Plan. Some work has already been undertaken by the Outdoor Centre to clear some of the land.

Some further work will be required to provide a valuation of the buildings to be insured to avoid under or over insurance for those buildings.

With regard to the future management of the land, it was agreed that a working party be formed to consider the options with a view to reporting back to the parish council at a later meeting. Interested members of the public would be invited to join the working party.

(b) Management Plan

The revised Management Plan, as presented to the meeting, was adopted.

33/2016 General Power of Competence

It was resolved that from 17th May 2016, until the next relevant Annual meeting of the Council, that having met the conditions of eligibility as defined in the Localism Act 2011 and SI 965 The Parish Councils (General Power of Competence) (Prescribed Conditions) Order 2012, to adopt the General Power of Competence.

34/2016 Plannning Matters

(a) Applications now due for consideration


(b) Permitted development notices


(c) Planning Decisions

Ref: 160196
Site: Land to the north of Maes y Felin, Hollow Farm Road, Dinedor
Development: Reformation of land to provide swale and installation of drainage pipes (retrospective)
Decision: Application refused on the grounds that the proposal is contrary to Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy Policies SS6, LD1 and LD4 and the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework.
Comment: The applicant has six months to launch an appeal if he so wishes.

Ref: 160199
Site: Land to the north of Maes y Felin, Hollow Farm Road, Dinedor
Development: Change of use from agricultural land to equestrian use
Decision: Application approved with conditions. No landform modification shall be undertaken nor stables, caravans, shelters or other ancillary buildings or structures, temporary or otherwise shall be erected without the consent of the Local Planning Authority.

35/2016 Purchase of laptop

Noting that the Transparency Grant now received contained provision for the purchase of a laptop to facilitate compliance with Transparency Regulations and the maintenance of the website, it was agreed to authorise the purchase of a laptop for use by the Clerk at a cost not to exceed £500 (excl. VAT).

36/2016 Delegation of Authority

It was agreed that the Clerk be authorised to deal with urgent matters, including repairs and maintenance, up to a maximum value of £125.00 per item provided that such matters be reported to the next meeting of the Parish Council.

37/2016 Correspondence

Other than as noted elsewhere within the agenda, the Clerk reported that the only item of correspondence received was from Herefordshire Association of Local Councils, being the regular Information Corner.

38/2016 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th July 2016 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

39/2016 Employment Matters

In accordance with Standing Orders, this agenda item was discussed without members of the public in attendance.

It was agreed that the Clerk’s contract of employment as produced to the meeting be hereby authorised and that the clerk be paid at salary scale point 18 for 5 hours per week, payable monthly in arrears on the 28th day of each month. It was further agreed that in recognition of the fact that additional hours may be necessary initially in order to bring the Parish Council’s records into order, the Clerk be authorised to receive payment for additional hours worked, subject to the approval of amount to be paid by the Parish Council and subject to a timesheet being kept by the Clerk to identify the additional hours worked.

There being no further business, the meeting was declared closed.