Minutes 15th September 2015

Minutes of a scheduled meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 15th September, 2015 at 7.30pm in Dinedor Village Hall

Councillors: Duncan Green (Chairman), Chris Smart, Suzanne Penny and Julia Over
In attendance: Clerk – Elaine Godding – Ward Councillor – David Summers and 8 local residents

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Nick Austin – CSO Lowrie Anderson – Locality Steward – Maynard Smith

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensations: there were none.

3. Open Forum:

3.1 Chair Duncan Green thanked Ward Councillor David Summers for his attendance, coming straight from another Parish Council meeting.

Ward Councillor David Summers proceeded to give a resume of his objectives and meetings with Herefordshire Planning Officers and the Leader of Herefordshire Council regarding the Earthworks at Dinedor including questioning the use of ‘Retrospective’ planning and the Holme Lacy B4399 road to Rotherwas.

Chair Cllr Duncan Green informed Ward Councillor David Summers of the 14 – 28 day rule on eventing and signage.
Action point – Chair Cllr Duncan Green to send information to Ward Councillor David Summers

Ward Councillor David Summers met with Balfour Beatty to discuss the B4399 Holme Lacy to Rotherwas road suggesting that signs should be installed at the Broadleas junction to re-route heavy traffic from using that route and directing them to the new Holme Lacy roundabout further out of town. Ward Councillor Summers also suggested making two cross walks along the new road to make it more pedestrian friendly and resurrecting the cycle way.

Ward Councillor Summers indicated it might be a good idea to invite Highways Officer, Alistaire Mckensie to the next Parish Council meeting in November, 2015.
Action point – Chair Cllr Duncan Green/Clerk Elaine Godding to send invitation to Highways Officer.

Ward Councillor David Summers commended the work and professionalism of the Locality Steward for Dindore Maynard Smith
RESOLVED full council
Action point – Clerk to write letter of gratitude.

3.2 CSO Lowrie Anderson – no report
3.3 Watch Scheme – Paul Crumpton – no report
3.4 Locality Steward – Maynard Smith – Cllr Duncan Green reported on a site meeting with Mr Maynard Smith yesterday and progress on resolving drainage issues, 3.5 To receive views from local residents – none
3.5 To receive views from local residents – none

4. Dinedor Camp

4.1The Chair explained to councillors and the public that three quotes had been received for the appointment of a Solicitor to handle the Asset Transfer process for Dinedor Parish Council, being Dinedor Camp and the Outdoor Trust.
RESOLVED – full council to appoint Vaughan, Vaughan and Co
Proposed Chair Cllr Duncan Green and seconded Cllr Suzanne Penny
Action point – Clerk to write to all Solicitors informing them of this decision

4.2 Chair Cllr Duncan Green explained to councillors and the public that there may be occasions when instructions are needed and invoices for the transaction of payment to Solicitors may be received and need dealing with in-between meetings and therefore DELEGATED POWERS to the Clerk would be in the best interest of the Parish Council and this would be capped at a budget of £2000.00
Proposed Chair Cllr Duncan Green and seconded Cllr Julia Over

4.3Chair Cllr Duncan Green informed councillors and parishioners of the meeting held at Dinedor Camp on Friday 11th September, 2015 at 11.30am to walk the site for the inspection and discussion of works involved and the best way forward with the management of the site.

Present: Tim Hoverd Archaeologist from Historic England – Imogen Sambrook from Historic England, Heritage at Risk Project Officer – Chair Cllr Duncan Green and Clerk Elaine Godding.

The Parish were informed that no works should be undertaken without a Scheduled Management Consent Form
The correct permits and licences are required to undertake any clearance work.
We were on site for over 2 hours and had an extremely useful discussion on the future management of the site and the procedures involved.

Chair Cllr Duncan Green explained that the previous Management Plan was not implemented and that as time has gone there has been more deteriation of the site with vegetation etc and a new Management Plan would need to be prepared and that Tim Hoverd had offered to complete a new Plan for a fee of £400.00.
RESOLVED – Cllr Suzanne proposed as due-diligence
Proposed – Cllr Chris Smart and seconded Cllr Suzanne Penny

Chair Cllr Duncan Green suggested a meeting with Asset Management Team at Herefordshire Council – Patrick Bodenham and Tony Featherstone
Action point Chair/Clerk to write to arrange a meeting

Finally a discussion was held about the Outdoor Centre proposal by Tim Hoverd to have a session of consecutive meetings – 1st a private meeting and 2nd a meeting of invited members as this would establish clear understandings and objectives of all parties concerned and seen as the best way forward to improve relations for future developments
RESOLVED full council

5. Minutes of the previous meeting: Tuesday 21st July, 2015
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes as a true record with one amendment to be included in the Agenda before the Open Session and they were signed by the Chairman
RESOLVED – full council

6. Finance:

6.1 Noted…….Bank balanceAug’15 £15,974.50
6.2 Noted Payments….Clerks salary July’15 £39.36
6.3 Noted Payment……Clerks salary Aug’15 £195.63
6.4 Noted Payment……Clerks mileage £13.50
6.5 Noted Payment……Grant Thornton – Annual Return £120.00 incl. £20.00 VAT
6.5 Noted Payment……Land Registry Title Deeds delegated powers £143.64 incl. £23.95 VAT
6.6 Signatories remain as Cllr Nick Austin and Chair Cllr Duncan Green
RESOLVED full council agreed
Reported budget figures/section 137 for next meeting in November, 2015

7. Broadband:

7.1 Cllr Chris Smart informed councillors and the public Fibre Optics have been installed in cabinet by BT in Holme Lacy. Enquiries made about Allpay – their future – and write to Fastershire to indicate view on better performance
Action point – Cllr Chris Smart to pass on contact details to Clerk to write a letter

8. Neighbourhood Plan:

8.1 Resignation received from Cllr Nick Austin
8.2 Cllr Suzanne Penny to take the lead.
RESOLVED full council

9. Web-site/Newsletter:

9.1 Re-launch of newsletter will be implemented before next meeting by Cllr Julia Over. Well received
Proposed Chair Cllr Duncan Green a provision to cover costs including a Contingency fund of £250.00 in the next budget in November, 2015 and seconded Cllr Chris Smart. Cllr Julia Over to continue with Web-site Wonder, Mark Wilmore who will give a demonstration to councillors.
RESOLVED full council to use .gov as the domain for the web-site
Proposed Chair Cllr Duncan Green and seconded Cllr Chris Smart

10. Planning:

10.1 Application number P152456/F Highfields – No objection – RESOLVED full council
10.2 Application number P151303/F proposed electricity line – decision date 7th September, 2015
10.3 Earthworks – covered in item 3.1 Ward Councillors report, no planning application put forward to date
10.4 Core Strategy – nearing closure

11. To consider date of next meeting – Tuesday 17th November, 2015

Meeting Closed 21.35pm