Minutes 15th March 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th March 2016 at Dinedor Village Hall

Present: Cllr. Duncan Green Chairman
Cllr Nick Austin Agenda item 8 (Minute ref 24/2016 only)
Cllr. Chris Smart
Cllr. Julia Over
Cllr. Suzanne Penny

In attendance: Liz Kelso Clerk/RFO
20 Members of the public

15/2016 Parish Clerk

The resignation of Ms. Elaine Godding as Clerk to the Parish Council with effect from 29th February 2016 was noted. It was agreed that Mrs. Liz Kelso be appointed Clerk to the Council with immediate effect.

16/2016 Apologies

Apologies were noted from Councillor Austin, who attended for agenda item 7 only.

17/2016 Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation

There were no declarations of interest and no requests for dispensation.

18/2016 Minutes of the meeting held on 19th January 2016

The Minutes of the meeting held on 19th January, having been previously circulated, were noted. It was agreed that the Chairman be authorised to sign the Minutes as a true record of proceedings at that meeting.

19/2016 Open Session

(a) Ward Councillor Report

No report has been received from the Ward Councillor who was not in attendance. It was agreed that in future a written report would be requested if the meeting date clashes with that of other parishes within the ward.

(b) Report from Locality Steward

The weekly report from the Locality Steward had been circulated. It was agreed that this be put on the website. The locality steward has been requested to provide a report on the icy road conditions.

(c) Report from West Mercia Police

The newsletter from West Mercia Police was noted.

(d) Formal Complaint to Herefordshire Council

The Chairman outlined the nature of the complaint against Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty in connection with the alleged consultation regarding the Holme Lacy Road works, and the response received to date. It was agreed that the Clerk write to Herefordshire Council to correct inaccuracies in the report and to request traffic flow data for the road.

(e) Public Participation

During this period an issue relating to potholes was reported. The Chairman advised that these be reported through the Herefordshire Council website.

It was noted that the planning application for the Biomass Unit has not yet been submitted so further comment is not available at this stage.

A new salt bins has been installed to replace the one damaged by the hedge trimmer.

20/2016 Dinedor Community Asset Transfer

(a) Progress Report

The Chairman provided a progess report noting that an issue has been identified in connection with the consents for the discharge of effluent from the Outdoor Activity Centre which might delay the transfer. It was agreed that the transfer should proceed as soon as possible, preferably before the month end.

(b) Insurance

Quotations have now been obtained for the insurance cover of the land and buildings upon completion although there are some outstanding issues over the valuation of the buildings for insurance purposes. It was agreed to proceed on the basis of the quoted extension to the existing insurance policy with a view to a formal revaluation of the buildings as soon as possible.

Some concern was expressed that the figure quoted is likely to be considerably higher than that previously recharged to the Outdoor Centre by Herefordshire Council as the basis for insurances held by Herefordshire Council is likely to be different that that available to the Parish Council.

(c) Management Matters

A decision is yet to be made on the management of the land subject to the Community Asset Transfer and whether this should be through a separate trust or community interest company, as a committee of the parish council or some other structure. It was noted that a separate trust might be more appropriate as it could qualify for additional funding that might be unavailable to the Parish Council. Before a decision is made, a meeting with the trustees of the Outdoor Centre must be held. It was agreed that the Clerk make the necessary arrangements for this meeting and a report made to the next Parish Council meeting.

(d) Public Participation

A question was raised regarding maintenance of the roadway up to the hill. The Chairman explained that although currently unadopted, records dating back to 1845 indicated that this highway was in existence at least beyond 1845 and if it is found that the highway was in existence before 1835, Herefordshire Council would be required to adopt the highway and maintain it. Further research is being carried out to prove this and volunteers to search through the records at the Records Office would be welcomed.

21/2016 Neighbourhood Development Plan

Councillor Penny provided an update on the Neighbourhood Plan, explaining that a total of £5,000 has been received in grant funding which will be paid to the consultants Kirkwells for their work.

Two meetings have taken place since the last parish council meeting and an additional group member has been recruited. Members of the public were encouraged to attend meetings and to view the draft plan and timetable on the website. The public were also encouraged to view other Neighbourhood Plans such as Breinton and Haywood and Callow both of whom are more developed than Dinedor.

Within the plan there will be a need to identify development site(s) for approximately 20 homes. It was agreed that this be considered further at the next meeting.

Finally it was noted that where Parishes have no Neighbourhood Plan, Herefordshire Council are required to produce an Area Plan. An approach has been received from Breinton parish Council to form a group of parishes surrounding Hereford City so that the group can take an active involvement in the Hereford Area Plan. It was agreed that the Clerk be authorised to attend a meeting to be hosted by Breinton Parish Council.

22/2016 Finance

(a) Balance

An account balance of £18,070.92 was noted.

(b) Budget

It was agreed that the draft budget be reviewed by the new Clerk who will report to the next meeting.

(c) Payments

The following payment made between meetings was noted:

Expenses & fees in
Connection with CAT £995.00

The following payments were authorised:

Salaries: £135.43
Clerk’s expenses: £223.17
CAT Management
Plan £400.00
HALC subscription £316.20
Election Costs £40.70
Donation – Dinedor &
Holme Lacy PCC £495.00

(d) Receipts

£20.00 has been received in connection with the newsletter.

23/2016 Planning

Ref: 160196/F
Site: Land to the north of Maes Y Felin
Development: Reformation of land to provide swale and installation of drainage pipes (retrospective)
Comments: It was noted that the drainage works appeared to be engineering works and not just for drainage purposes. Concerns were expressed that the reformed land appeared to be a car park type size and shape indicating potential further use for events which might not require further planning consent. The drainage works have apparently worsened the actual drainage of the site leading to water and mud across the road. Further concerns were expressed at the damage and visual appearance of this work in an area of archaeological interest. The Clerk was authorised to write to Herefordshire Council accordingly.

Ref: 160199/F
Site: Land at Maes Y Felin
Development: Change of use from agricultural to equestrian
Comments: Considerable concern was expressed that this development has grown from a few wooden buildings to a substantial development clearly being used for commercial rather than family use. If further developed and or used for events, a considerable amount of additional traffic in this very narrow lane was considered hazardous and would impact greatly on neighbouring properties. Concern was also expressed that a further business activity was taking place on this land. The Clerk was instructed to write to Herefordshire Council accordingly.

Ref: 153703
Site: Dinedor Youth Centre
Development: Transmitting station
Comments: No objections. The Clerk was instructed to write to Herefordshire Council accordingly.

24/2016 Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 17th May and will be formed of two meetings: the Annual Parish Meeting starting at 7pm which will be followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was declared closed.