Meeting 7th May 2013

Annual Meeting of Dinedor Parish Council Held on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall

1. Chairman elected as Cllr Peter Greenow

2. Vice Chairman elected as Cllr Duncan Green

3. Members elected to the following groups:
3.1 Finance group All Cllrs
3.2Employment group Cllr Nick Austin & Cllr Duncan Green
3.3Planning working group All Cllrs

4. Members elected to outside bodies
4.1 Village Hall rep – Cllr Marlene Kitto. (Vacancy for one more rep from PC on village hall committee)
4.2Report noted on Connect 2 Hereford Greenway
4.3 Report noted on Hereford Enterprise Zone stakeholder group

5. Present
Peter Greenow Chairman, Duncan Green Vice Chair, (DG)) Marlene Kitto,(MA)
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 7 parishioners

6. Apologies: Cllr Ben Price,(BP) Ward Cllr Sinclair Knipe

7. Declarations of interest and dispensation request: None

8. RESOLVED: To agree and sign minutes of last meeting 19/03/2013
RESOLVED: to agree Confidential minute of 15/01/2013 signed by vice chairman

9. West Mercia Police report– no report as no police present

10. Clerks report Cllrs had been given the Clerks report on action items and updates
since last meeting in their agenda packs. The main of the Clerks report were also on
the agenda for discussion or noting.

11. Public forum
No maters raised

12. RESOLVED to develop a parish plan and neighbourhood plan of which some
elements of the parish plan action plan would be incorporated into the
neighbourhood development plan as appropriate.

13. REOLSVED: to adopt new standing orders.

14. RESOLVED: Clerk to attend to changes with regard to settings on the parish council website to enable all documentation etc can be seen with out people having to register on the website first.

15. Lengthsman
Ditching work identified throughout the parish to be carried out and cutting of verges cutting of grass around grit bins and near road junctions as appropriate.

16. Finance
16.1RESOLVED: to pay:
A4 Office Products £16.19
Zurich Insurance renewal £332.15
HALC annual subscription£208.98
HALC training invoice £30.00
I.C.O Annual renewal fee £35.00
Internal Auditors Fee (B Pearson) £70.00
16.2 RESOLVED: to approve and adopt internally audited accounts for 2012/13
16.3 RESOLVED: to approve and adopt end of year annual return for submitting to
external auditors Grant Thornton
16.4 Bacs remittance of £236.25 for final ¼ lengthsman grant 2012/13 noted
16.5 Bacs remittance of 1st precept instalment for 2013/14 £2900.00 noted

17. Planning
17.1. Planning Applications granted since last meeting:
Maes Y Felin Dinedor Hereford Application 130614/F
Description: Erection of a general purpose agricultural building and constructions of
a hard standing area
Approved with conditions
Birchan Dinedor Hereford Application 130552/FH
Description: Proposed conservatory to rear of property
Approved with conditions
17.2 Application commented on by planning working group commented on:
The Laurels, Dinedor Hill, Dinedor, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 6PD Application130606/FH
Retrospective works to increase height of main roof, general structural and aesthetic
improvements to property and a replacement conservatory
Application supported by Parish Council
17.3 Planning application for comment:
Old Mill Dinedor Hereford
Description: Proposed general agricultural building for storage and stock housing
Application number: 130999/F
Application is on hold as more information is required by planning dept
No comment required

18. Meetings
18.1 Next connect 2 steering group meeting noted as 11/06/2013
18.2 Next meeting of Hereford Enterprise Zone Stakeholder Group noted as

19. Training
19.1 Halc training dates Noted

20. Correspondence
20.1Ccorrespondence received since last meeting Noted as:
20.2HALC information Corner19/04/2013
20.3Letter re renewal of insurance with Zurich Municipal
20.4 Herefordshire Council Letter –Renewal of polling district, polling places and
polling stations within Herefordshire Unitary Council area.
20.5 Letter from Western Power Distribution –Power Cuts and improving the
electricity network

23. MATTERS RAISED FOR NEXT AGENDA (no discussion) footpaths report & cycleway (DG) CAB Grant

24. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Tuesday 16th July 2013 7.30pm Dinedor Village