Meeting 21st January 2014

DINEDOR PARISH COUNCIL Held on Tuesday 21st January 2014 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall

Present Peter Greenow (Chairman) Duncan Green Vice Chair, (DG)) Marlene Kitto, (MK) Nick Austin, (NA) Ben Price, (BP)
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 2 parishioners Ward Cllr Peter Sinclair Knipe

1. Apologies accepted from:

2. Declarations of interest: PG declared and interest on agenda item 10.2 Clerks
reimbursement for Postage

3. RESOLVED: minutes of 19/11/2013 agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting

4. Presentation on Community Asset Transfers – Herefordshire Council
The officer responsible for Community Asset Transfers was unable to attend the meeting, however the clerk reported that she had had a discussion with the officer concerned and the officer advised that if the Parish Council were interested in the Community Asset Transfer of Dinedor Camp that they need to write to Herefordshire council Community Asset Transfer team to express their interest in taking on the Community Asset Transfer of Dinedor Camp.

5. Ward Councillor Report:
Cllr Sinclair Knipe reported on the planning application at Ridgehill, and the concerns residents had with regard to the proposed application, although Ridgehill area was not in Dinedor Parish, but in Lower Bullingham Parish. Herefordshire Council have agreed to continue maintaining grant funding for Herefordshire Citizens Advice Bureau for 1 year.
Pot holes- still a large number of pot hole works needing to be undertaken. Concerns were expressed by Cllrs as to the poor repair work carried out concerning pot holes and also general poor maintenance of road in general.

6. Public forum: A member of the public had raised concerns with Herefordshire Council Director Geoff Hughes in relation to the new Hereford Greenway asking about future plans for linking up the cycle/footpath to Holme Lacy .The parishioner was advised to Contact Mark Edwards at Herefordshire Council who was the officer involved in the Hereford Greenway Cycle/ foot path and to contact the ward Councillor.

7, Clerks report nothing further to report

8. Future of Dinedor Camp and Community Asset Transfer.
It was RESOLVED: that the parish clerk write to Herefordshire Council Community Asset Transfer Team with regard to the Parish Councils interest in taking on the Community Asset Transfer of Dinedor Camp .The Clerk was to seek clarity on what the Community Asset Transfer consisted of with regard to freehold, terms and conditions, overage, the size of land at Dinedor Camp, Camp wood and Dinedor Outdoor Centre timescale of Community Asset Transfer etc .The clerk was asked to seek advice from HALC on Community Asset Transfers procedures and to seek advice on possible grant available and report back at next meeting . It was also suggested to speak with Lower Bullingham Parish Council about Dinedor Parish Council’s interest with regard to the proposal of the Community Asset Transfer of Dinedor Camp.

9. Lengthsman
9.1 It was RESOLVED to ask the lengthsman to jet the blocked pipes at the bend
near Tars Mill turn and near The village Hall. Continue to maintain the ditches as
required during Jan and Feb.

10. Finance
10.1 bank balance noted as 8947.52
10.2RESOLVED: to pay:
Clerks reimbursement for postage £7.20
10.3To consider and approve precept for 2014/15
Upperbridge Enterprises (Website) £126.00
A4 office Products £32.97
10.3 It was RESOLVED: to agree that budget for 2014/15
10.4 It was RESOLVED: to set the precept for 2014/15 £6300.00

11. Neighbourhood Plan – Update
Discussion took place with regard to progressing with the Dinedor Neighbourhood Plan.
It was RESOLVED: NK would put together a discussion document for the Parish
Council to consider at the next Parish Council Meeting.

12. Correspondence – noted
All correspondence received since the last meeting has been sent to Cllrs in their
agenda packs or via email as appropriate.

13. To agree dates for Scheduled Parish Council meetings 2014/15
Tuesday 18th March .Tuesday 6th May Annual Parish Meeting 7pm, followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting, Tuesday 15th July, Tuesday 16th September, Tuesday 18th November. 2015- Tuesday 20th January Tuesday 17th March

14. To note MATTERS RAISED FOR NEXT AGENDA (no discussion)

15. To note DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 18th March 2014