Meeting 19th November 2013

DINEDOR PARISH COUNCIL Held on Tuesday 19th November 2013 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall

Present Duncan Green Vice Chair, (DG)) Marlene Kitto, (MK) Nick Austin, (NA) Ben Price, (BP)

In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 1 parishioner
In the absence of the Chairman the Vice Chair chaired the meeting

1. Apologies accepted from: Peter Greenow Chairman

2. Declarations of interest: None declared

3. RESOLVED: amendment made to minutes of minutes of 17/09/2013 to include
MK declared a non pecuniary interest on agenda item 13.2 village Hall payment the
minutes were then agreed and signed

4. Ward Councillor Report: no report as the ward Cllr was unable to attend the meeting

5. Public forum: A member of the public raised concerns with regard to the
complex and difficult to understand consultation document “Herefordshire Council’s
Budget proposals” and felt responding to consultation was not easy.

6, Clerks report. Clerk reported that the external audit had been completed and was satisfactory.

7. Update report on Parish Plan & Neighbourhood plan; After discussion
concerning progressing with a parish plan and taking into account the with drawl of
funding from Herefordshire Council for undertaking a parish plan it was RESOLVED:
Not to continue with a parish plan at present .
Discussion took place with regard to Dinedor Neighbourhood Development Plan and
progress to date. The parish Council had designated the Parish of Dinedor as the
neighbourhood area and a budget for the neighbourhood plan had been approved
at Septembers meeting .along with the agreement to apply for grant funding from
Locality to. A meeting of the steering group would be arranged for the New Year.

8. Lengthsman
8.1 The lengthsman had given a quote for some ditching work in the parish .It was
RESOLVED to wait for Balfour Beatty to attend to a number of issues in the parish
that only Balfour Beatty could undertake.
8.2 Report on Meeting with Balfour Beatty on road and drainage issues
Balfour Beatty road survey 6/11/13
Drain under field entrance below Tars Mill lane, verges pushed in by traffic , drain
blocked under entrance, ditches blocked build up of debris.
Action: Jetter required to clear under road drain and pipe across field gateway,
ditches require digger to clear.
Inspected culvert near Church running clear & well. We spoke with local resident
who confirmed that the culvert runs well 364 days of the year. The drain runs across
road to exit into the ditch that runs towards the church. The ditch needs clearing;
before the ditch can be cleared the hedges that are over growing it will need to be
cut back.

Action: contact residents to ask that their hedges be cut back, Balfour Beatty
Inspector to see if he can get Balfour Beatty contractor to clean the ditch and remove
debris (Local parishioner advised that that the strip of grass is needed to be kept
clear of the removed debris for church yard access etc). If Balfour are not able to it
could be attended to by the lengthsman, with the debris again being removed.
Prospect Lane: ditches are not flowing well, build up of organic matter, verges being
pushed into ditches by vehicles forcing passing maneuvers when reversing may be
more appropriate!
Action: Balfour Beatty to use a digger to clear ditches, reinstate verges and remove
excess spoil.
Drain before village hall, met with Local landowner and discussed drain on sports
field side, unsure whether this is in fact a drain or more probably a soak away. It was
suggested that when digger clears ditch opposite a small test dig is done adjacent to
post and rail fence to establish whether soak away or pipe!
Opposite side of lane ditch again damaged by traffic, needs machine to clear, Matt
cleared debris from pipe to manhole and water flowed much freer.
Action: digger to clear ditch, Lengthsman to clear grips and clear pipe entrances.
By village Hall notice board, wire cover over drain heavily covered with vegetation
and debris, water build up on hall frontage will be greatly reduced if Lengthsman
clears 2 grips to allow surface water drain. Landowner said he will see that pipe exit
into his field drain is cleared.
Balfour Beatty to clean ditches and Jet all underground pipes through road through
village from crossroads.
Balfour Beatty to clear ditches and where appropriate re-instate verges and remove
excess spoil, Balfour Beatty inspector to see if digger contractor will also clear ditch
towards church, will advise on this.
Residents of properties backing onto church pathway will need to cut back their
hedges to allow ditch clearance.
Balfour Beatty inspector hoped that a Council / Parish Council / Residents joint
approach will work and will help to make the road both safer and easier to maintain.

9. Finance
9.1 RESOLVED: bank balance noted as £9560.89
9.2RESOLVED: to pay:
Terry Griffiths (lengthsman) £168.00
Clerks reimbursement for postage £14.70

10. Herefordshire Council Budget Consultation 2014/15
RESOLVED: not to respond to consultation. However Cllrs could respond as
individuals if they wished to do so

11. Hereford & Worcester Fire & rescue service consultation 2013
RESOLVED: not to respond to consultation, However Cllrs could respond as
individuals if they wished to do so
12 Discussion took place with regard to the future of Dinedor Camp it was RESOLVED: The Parish Council register an interest in and contact Lower Bullingham
Parish Council to seek their view on the future of the camp. Clerk asked to look at cost implications relating to insurance, maintenance and how the camp could be better managed.

13 Planning
13.1 planning application commented on since last meeting – None

14. Training
14.1 HALC training dates noted

15. Correspondence
15.1 Herefordshire Council Budget consultation
15.2 Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service Consultation 2013

16. To note MATTERS RAISED FOR NEXT AGENDA (no discussion)

17. To note DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 21st January 2013
Kath Greenow- Clerk, Hackford house, Dinedor Hereford HR2 6PD 01432 870874