Meeting 18th March 2014

DINEDOR PARISH COUNCIL Held on Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall Present Peter Greenow (Chairman) Marlene Kitto, (MK) Nick Austin, (NA) Ben Price, (BP)
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 3 parishioners Ward Cllr Peter Sinclair
1. Apologies accepted from:
2. Declarations of interest: PG declared an interest on agenda item 9.1 Clerks
3. An amendment was made to the minutes that Ben Price was not present at the meeting. It was then RESOLVED: that minutes of 21/01/2014 were agreed and
signed as a true record of the meeting
4. Ward Councillor Report:
Cllr Sinclair Knipe reported that discussion were taking place with regard to
fortnightly bin collections. The idea is to have fortnightly collection of black & green
bins on alternate weeks.
Cllr asked about what would be the collection process for those living on unadopted
roads e.g. Hackford lane
5. Public forum: Members of the public asked about the track that leads to Hill
Farm and Fairview as part of the track was a PROW and was near to the edge of
Dinedor Camp. The clerk was asked to find out about the boundary of the camp in
relation to the track and the properties concerned.
A member of the public asked about the painting of telephone box that the PC own
and when it would be painted. Clerk to speak with those that had offered to paint it
and liaise over when would be a suitable time to paint the telephone box .Clerk to
purchase paint and brushes etc to enable the work to be carried out by those who
had offered to paint.
6. Clerks report.
6.1 The clerk gave an update on discussion with Herefordshire Council concerning
the Community Asset transfer of Dinedor Camp .The clerk had asked for clarity on
what the community asset consisted and had been informed that it would be
freehold and that there was currently a tree survey being undertaken would be made
available to the Parish Council clerk when it had been completed. Cllrs asked that the
clerk ask about adjoining land in relation to the boundary and fencing and to speak
with English heritage concerning their role/influence on what can and can’t be done
up at the camp (hill fort area) along with seeking possible grants that may be
available for maintenance of the camp woodland
7. To consider delegating to the clerk to produce a draft consultation paper on the proposed asset transfer
It was RESOLVED to DEFER until the Parish Council had all the information it
required concerning the community asset transfer of Dinedor Camp,
8. Lengthsman
8.1 It was RESOLVED to ask the lengthsman attend to ditches in the parish that
needed attention. The clerk was to speak with a local landowner to ask if he would
allow any excess soil to be placed in one of his fields.
The Clerk was asked to report a pot hole near the bend adjacent to The White house
in Dinedor
9. Finance
9.1 bank balance noted as £8390.66
9.2RESOLVED: to pay:
A4 office Products £17.94
HALC annual subscription fee 2014/15 £234.86
Donation to Dinedor with Holme Lacy PCC £495.00
Clerk admin fee for administering the lengthsman scheme for 2013/14 £94.50
Clerk’s reimbursement of printing costs July2013 –March2014 £ 75.50
Clerk’s computer usage fee Oct2013 – March 2014 £50.00
10. Neighbourhood Plan
10.1 To receive and consider a discussion document on Dinedor
Neighbourhood plan.
It was RESOLVED: that the clerk was to approach Kirkwells with a view to seeking
advice on the discussion document that had been put together. Clerk to report back
at next meeting
10.2 To consider setting up a neighbourhood plan steering group
It was RESOLVED to deferred setting up a neighbourhood steering group at present
10.3 To consider inviting Kirkwells planning consultants to attend the next parish
council meeting to discuss providing support, assistance and advice on preparing the
Dinedor Neighborhood Plan.
It was RESOLVED: not to invite Kirkwells to the next parish council meeting , but to
seek a quote from them with regard to support, advice and help on The
Neighborhood Plan
11. Planning
11.1Planning application for comment;
Camp Cottage Dinedor, Hereford HR2 6PD
Proposed extension to a dwelling
Application number 140472
It was RESOLVED: to SUPPORT the application
12. Training
12.1 HALC training noted
13.2 Herefordshire Council – Neighbourhood Planning Training event Tuesday 9th
April 1pm-4pm noted
13. Correspondence
13.1 HALC information corner – noted
13.2 HMRC PAYE correspondence noted
13.3 letter from Sia Spinal Injuries Association noted
All correspondence received since the last meeting has been sent to Cllrs in their
agenda packs or via email as appropriate.
Dinedor Annual Parish Meeting – Tuesday 6th May 2014 7pm followed by The Annual Meeting of Dinedor Parish Council