Meeting 17th September 2013

DINEDOR PARISH COUNCIL Held on Tuesday 17th September 2013 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall

Peter Greenow Chairman, Duncan Green Vice Chair, (DG)) Marlene Kitto,(MK) Nick Austin, (NA)
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 1 parishioner Ward Cllr Sinclair Knipe)

2 Boyer Planning representative and 1 Bloor Homes representative

1. Apologies accepted from: Ben Price, (BP)

2. Declarations of interest: PG declared pecuniary interest on agenda item 14.2
Finance – clerk’s reimbursements

3. RESOLVED: minutes of 16/07/2013 agreed and signed

4. Ward Councillor Report: Cllr Peter Sinclair Knipe reported on a petition that Cllr
Tony Johnston had forwarded to ward Cllrs. The petition was to lobby for fairer share
of funding from Westminster for the county. The aim was to get people to sign the
petition by mid-September. EZ Leominster construction will be building a new base
for Beck Group – one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the construction and
horticultural industries

5. A presentation was given by Bloor Homes & Boyer planning which outlined
the proposals of the development master plan of the Southern Urban Expansion area
within the Parish
The development would consist of 1000 houses with a country park, school &
community hub.
Points spoken about by the representatives of both companies consisted of:
• Housing 35% affordable housing –which has been directed by HFDC
• Industrial element within the housing development west of EZ
• Principal access via Rotherwas Access road (new roundabout will be put in)
• Country park ,could also provide new footpath link to existing footpaths
• Primary school
• Sustainable drainage – water harvesting
• Green corridor where there are 3 water courses
• Flood risk issues from back up from R. Wye
• Sustainable transport –Bus
• Country park and community hub longer term management possibly by HFDC
or PC
Bloor Homes Public exhibition to take place 18th September at Saxon Hall
Cllrs requested that Bloor homes come to a Parish Council Meeting nearer the time
when the planning application is being worked up.

6. Public forum None raised.

7  Clerks report: Lengthsman work required had been carried out in the parish as per
instructions from the clerk.
Neighbourhood plan update Clerk had filled in application form to designate a
neighbourhood area for Dinedor Parish .Posters had been placed at various locations
in the Parish by HDCNDP officer.

8. Report on EZ stakeholder group
DG & PG report on EZ PG advised the stakeholder Group that both Lower Bullingham
and Dinedor Parish Councils had decided to produce Neighbourhood Plans. Both had
determined their NDP areas as their parish boundaries,
Both parishes would set up steering groups and there would be wide consultation with the
community, businesses and local organisations as part of the process, and this would include
the EZ Board.
PG stressed that there was no intention of trying to change decisions already made relating
to the EZ. He recognised that the Zone was subject to separate processes through the LDO
which had already been consulted on. He saw the Neighbourhood Plan as complementing
this work. He agreed to keep this group and the EZ Board informed of progress.
It was noted that the Beck Group, the first business on the Zone, had commenced work on
site. Their build contract had been let to local firm Leominster Construction. This would be
followed shortly by Western Power who would be building a new complex on Goodwin land
at the top of Vincent Carey Road. This would allow expansion and an opportunity to offer
training and apprenticeships.
DG stated that a proposal to extend the existing cycleway down Goodwin Way had met with
strong opposition from residents. He understood from a 1912 map that there was formerly
a turnpike road where the cycleway passed under the railway bridge, and suggested this
could be an alternative solution. .
A number of other investments were progressing.
Next meeting of Stakeholder Group -6.00 pm on Wednesday 11 December

9. Report on Balfour Beatty event given by DG. Event was not as expected and DG
had concerns as to how the new contract with Balfour Beatty would go forward given
the ongoing issues of the roads at present. Balfour Beatty would work with parishes
through localities groups and a new system for tracking reported defects would be
put in lace .90% of Amey employees had transferred to Balfour Beatty.

10. RESOLVED: to respond to stakeholder consultation –proposed community
protection team restructure. The PC had concerns as to how small scale fly tipping
would be dealt with, and who would bear the burden of the clearance of the fly
tipping if the proposals in the consultation are implemented . Question the PC
asked is what mechanisms will be put in place to allow the PC via the lengthsman to
deal with small scale fly tipping if any?

11. RESOLVED: to respond to Police & Crime Commissioner West Mercia – The
Commissioners Community Engagement strategy consultation (consultation
document filled in at the meeting)

12. Lengthsman
12.1Lengthsman had given a reported on ditching work required in the parish and
the clerk was asked to obtain costings for the work for the PC to consider at the next
Tars Mill turn still not been addressed by Amey – clerk to chase up Blocked drain /
culvert near village hall still not been addressed clerk to chase up

13. Finance
13.1 RESOLVED: bank balance noted as £6969.41
13.2RESOLVED: to pay:
Terry Griffiths (lengthsman) £286.80
Terry Griffiths (Footpaths work p3 scheme £12.00
Clerks reimbursement for postage £3.90
Clerks computer allowance (April – September) £50.00
Clerk re imbursement for printing costs including 2 x parish newsletters £132.95
Dinedor Village Hall hire – Parish Council meetings 6 per year £120.00
Dinedor Village Hall hire – Parish plan / NDP steering group meetings (4th June, 14th & 28th August 2013 £60.00
14.3To note BACs remittance of reclaimed VAT £249.39
14.4 RESOLVED: to approve DPNDP budget and apply for NDP grant from Locality

15. Planning
15.1 planning application commented on since last meeting – None

16. Training
16.1 HALC training dates and seminars noted RESOLVED: that NA & SP of DPNDP
group will attend HALC Neighbourhood planning Seminar on 28/0/9/2013

17. Correspondence
17.117.1 HALC Information corner & attachments
17.2Stakeholder consultation – proposed community protection team restructure
17.3Police & crime commissioner West Mercia –The commissioners Community
Engagement strategy –Consultation
. To note MATTERS RAISED FOR NEXT AGENDA (no discussion)
Community Asset – Dinedor Camp
. To note DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 19th November 2013
Kath Greenow- Clerk, Hackford house, Dinedor Hereford HR2 6PD 01432 870874