Meeting 16th July 2013

DINEDOR PARISH COUNCIL Held on Tuesday 16th July 2013 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall

Present Peter Greenow Chairman, Duncan Green Vice Chair, (DG)) Marlene Kitto,(MA) Ben Price,(BP) Nick Austin, (NA)
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 1 parishioner,HFDC Neighbourhood
planning officer Jane Wormold

1. Apologies accepted from: Ward Cllr Sinclair Knipe

2. Declarations of interest and dispensation request: PG declared pecuniary
interest on agenda item 13.2 Finance – clerk’s reimbursements

3. RESOLVED: To make amendment to minute of 07/052013 to add Nick Austin as
present at the meeting the minutes of The Annual Parish Council Meting 07/05/2013
were then agreed and signed

4. Ward Councillor Report: no ward Cllr report

5. A power point presentation was given by Jane Wormold of HFDC neighbourhood planning.
She explained that Neighbourhood planning was an opportunity to shape
the place you live and work, it forms part of the Local Development plan (Core
Strategy) can deal with land issues, but can’t be used to stop development and must
conform with strategic plans. The neighbourhood plan content consists of applying
to designate a neighbourhood area, this being Dinedor Parish the neighbourhood
plan can look at allocating sites for housing , employment and consists of design
polices that can protect and enhance open space, protection of locally important
buildings , promoting renewable energy as well as other policies that can be worked
up in the NDP, As part of the NDP process you must ensure that local community,
landowners, businesses and hard to reach groups are consulted as well as relevant
statutory bodies such as Highways ,environmental agency .Grant funding was
available from the government to help Parishes do a NDP.
She outlined the stages of the NDP process as:
Stage 1 Designate your neighbourhood area
Stage2 Consult with the community
Stage 3 Prepare plan
Stage 4 submission of final plan to HFDC
Stage 5 Independent examination (paid for by HFDC)
Stage 6 Referendum (paid for by HFDC) NB: 50% of responders to the referendum
need to have voted YES for the NDP to be adopted
Stage 7 Adoption
The whole NDP process can take up to 18months to complete from start to final
adoption of the NDP plan.
If a parish undertakes a NDP then the element of benefit to the community from the
community Infrastructure levy will be 25% (if the NDP is adopted) where as if no NDP
was undertaken it would be 15 %
Information on neighbourhood planning & guidance notes could be accessed from
Herefordshire Councils website.
The Parish Council had previously resolved at a The Annual Parish Council Meeting
held on 07/05/2013 minute 12 “to develop a parish plan and neighbourhood plan of
which some elements of the parish plan action plan would be incorporated into the
neighbourhood development plan as appropriate” and that the designated
neighbourhood area would be the Parish Boundary of Dinedor Parish .Clerk was to
attend to the application to designate the neighbourhood area and produce
information on Parish Plan & Neighbourhood plan s for placing on the noticeboards
and in the next edition of the newsletter and website as appropriate to encourage
parishioner to attend a meeting to set up a working group to help and support the
parish council in these projects.
Cllr Price left the meeting at this point due to prior commitments.

6. Public forum
No parish maters raised
Parishioner in attendance informed the PC that the Dinedor Heritage group had a
test pit training day on 10th August.

7 Clerks report: Lengthsman work required had been carried out in the parish as per
instructions from the clerk.

8. Footpaths officers report DG
No problems reported on footpaths requiring maintenance in the parish. DG will
erect footpaths noticeboard at Dinedor Camp car park area
DG informed Cllrs that he had meet with principal of Holme lacy College with a view
to looking at preserving the footpath along the river that is in Dinedor parish to
Holme Lacy Parish .Possible grant funding for this would need to be considered.
DG asked if the college would consider looking at permissive path network. There
were problems near Sink Green concerning the footpath DG to email the ward Cllr
about this.

9. Connect 2 Greenway report 11/06/2013 given by NA which was noted

10. Lengthsman
Further work identified for the lengthsman as: verge cutting at the end of the village
( junction leading onto Holme lacy road) and around Dinedor Village sign, drainage
problems near Tars Mill turn still not been addressed by Amey – clerk to chase up

11. RESOLVED: to update amended annual risk assessment

12. RSOLVED: to update the amended communications policy

13. Finance
13.1 RESOLVED: bank balance noted as £7649.80
13.2RESOLVED: to pay:
Terry Griffiths (lengthsman) £270.00
Clerks reimbursement for postage £3.00
Upperbridge Enterprises annual website fee (2013/14) £126.00
BACs remittance of ¾ invoices £787.51 Noted as received
13.3 RESOLVED: to give £100.00 grant to Herefordshire CAB for 2013/14
13.4 RESOLVED: To note amendments made regarding insurance of grit bins on
insurance policy as advised by internal auditor
13.5Certificate of Public and product liability supplied by Terry Griffith’s contract
(Lengthsman) May 2013/2014 Noted as received
13.6 Copy received from T Howson (Treasurer) of Dinedor village halls end of year
accounts 2012/13 and insurance documentation. Noted as received

14. Planning
14.1 To note planning application commented on by planning working group since
last meeting:
North Magazine Site Rotherwas Aplication: 131485
Application supported
14.2RESOLVED: To comment on planning application received:
Application No: 131578/f
Kidwells House 4 Coldnose Road Rotherwas Industrials Estate Hereford
Description: single storey detached gym to the rear.
Application Supported

15. Training
15.1 HALC training dates
Saturday 27th July: Procedures and Finance.
Saturday 17th August: Planning & Community Action
RESOLVED: none required for booking

16. Correspondence Noted as:
HALC Information corner
All correspondence received since the last meeting has been sent to Cllrs in their
agenda packs or via email as appropriate.

17. To note MATTERS RAISED FOR NEXT AGENDA (no discussion)
Community Asset – Dinedor Camp

18. To note DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 17th September 2013
Kath Greenow- Clerk, Hackford house, Dinedor Hereford HR2 6PD 01432 870874