Extra Ordinary Meeting 17th June 2014

Extra Ordinary Meeting of DINEDOR PARISH COUNCIL Held on Tuesday 17th June 2014 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall
Present Peter Greenow (Chairman) Marlene Kitto, (MK) Nick Austin, (NA)
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk.
1. Apologies accepted from: Ben Price, (BP) Cllr Peter Sinclair Knipe ward Cllr
2. Declarations of interest: MK declared a non pecuniary interest on agenda item
6.4 Dinedor Village Hall Accounts
3. Minutes of the Annual Parish council Meeting held 7th May 2014.
Amendments were made to the draft minutes, clerks report 10.1 &10.2 Dinedor
Village Green
It was then RESOLVED: that minutes of The Annual Parish Council meeting held on
7th May 2014/2014 were agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting
4. Public forum: No Members of the public present, but Cllr Green informed the
Parish Council that he had been contacted by a parishioner with regard to her
concerns on the core strategy consultation which was noted.
5. Clerks report.
5.1 The clerk & Cllr Green had met to put together a draft consultation document as
requested at the last Parish Council meeting. Cllrs were asked to read through the
draft consultation document and email the clerk any changes that they felt needed
to be made or added. The final draft consultation document would be an agenda
item at the next Parish Council meeting in July.
6. Finance
6.1 To approve and adopt internally audited accounts for 2013/2014
It was RESOLVED: to agree and adopt the internally audited accounts for 2013/14
6.2 Bank balance noted as: £10209.20
6.3 To agree invoices for payment
It was RESOLVED: to pay:
A4 office Products £25.16
Jan Grazonka materials & paint for parish telephone box refurbishment £45.31
Terry Griffiths lengthsman May invoice £180.00
9.3 BACs remittance for Lengthsman grant 2012/13 £708.75 &£236.25 Noted
9.4 Dinedor Village Hall accounts documentation received from Dinedor Village Hall
Management Committee. Noted
10. Correspondence
10.1To consider responding to Herefordshire Local Plan- Core Strategy 2011-
It was RESOLVED: to respond to the core strategy as follows
The PC supports the key infrastructure strategy of the provision of an A49 bypass but
objects strongly to the Council’s proposed order of development. If a link road is
built first from the A465 to the Rotherwas Relief Road at Grafton, large amounts of
traffic would discharge into the Rotherwas area with substantial negative effects on
the Parishes of Lower Bullingham, Dinedor and Holme lacy and Mordiford.
We believe strongly, and note the justification in Jesse Norman’s response to you,
that the first development must be an eastern river crossing to the Ledbury Road
A438, then followed by the link from Grafton to the A465, with a western bypass the
third development. This order of development substantially reduces the capital cash
flow and brings benefits to all communities at a much lower cost and earlier stage..
Dinedor Neighbourhood plan update
Tuesday 15th July 2014 7.30pm