Annual Meeting 6th May 2014

Annual Meeting of Dinedor Parish Council Held on Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 7.30pm In Dinedor Village Hall
1. Election of Chairman
Pete Greenow was elected as Chairman
2. Election of Vice Chairman
Duncan Green was elected as Vice Chairman
3. Members elected to working groups of the Parish Council
3.1 Finance working group will consists of all Cllrs
3.2 Employment working group – Nick Austin and Duncan Green
3.3 Planning working group will consist of all Cllrs
4. Members elected to outside bodies
4.1 Dinedor Village hall representative elected as Marlene Kitto,
The Parish Council can have 2 representatives on the village hall committee and it
was RESOLVED: to put information in the next Parish Newsletter with a view to
seeking another representative from the Parish Council to be the 2nd representative
on the village hall committee.
4.2 Hereford Greenway (Connect 2) representative – Nick Austin Clerk to acquire an
update on the Hereford Greenway and progression of next phase to Holme Lacy.
4.3 Hereford Enterprise Zone Stakeholder group representative Duncan Green
5.Present Peter Greenow (Chairman) Marlene Kitto, (MK) Nick Austin, (NA) Ben Price,
In attendance: Kath Greenow Parish Clerk. 3 parishioners James Bisset,
Herefordshire Council Parks and Countryside Leisure Development Service Manager,
Terry Griffiths Parish Lengthsman
6. Apologies accepted from: Ward Cllr Peter Sinclair Knipe
7. Declarations of interest: none declared
8. Minutes of Previous meeting held on 18/03/2014
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the minutes of 18/03/2014 as a true recode of
the meeting
9. Report from West Mercia Police
No report from West Mercia Police as no police in attendance
10. Clerks report back on action items
10.1 The clerk reported that she had received some information on CAT(community
Asset Transfer) relating to Dinedor Camp , and that once all the information
required have been received from various bodies, she would be looking to compile a
draft Consultation paper for consideration to come before the Parish Council for
approval before sending the final consultation paper out to the parishioners of
Dinedor for them to comment on.
DG will help the clerk to put together a draft consultation paper and advice would be
sort from HALC on CAT. The consultation would need to be ready to go out by July
James Bisset -Herefordshire Council Parks and Countryside Leisure Development
Service Manager outlined that Herefordshire Council had identified a number of
satellite sites for disposal one of these being Dinedor Camp. The Parish Council
would be Herefordshire Council first option of taking on the camp as a CAT,
although other organisations could be considered .If the PC didn’t want the to take
on the camp under CAT and no other organisation was able to either then the camp
will sold off.
A recent tree survey had been carried out on the camp and James informed to PC
that there were some tree works required and some trees needed to be dismantled
this work will be carried out in due course the estimated cost of this would be
around £1000.00 currently covered by grant funding
10.2 Dinedor Village Green
The clerk reported that during her research into Dinedor Camp she had received
information from Herefordshire Council on Dinedor village green which had been
registered in 1972 by a previous clerk, which nobody seemed to be aware of.
The village green was a 3 meter width strip of land that extended along from outside
Glebe Farm’s black barn upto the parish noticeboard. The information was noted by
Cllrs and no further action was to be taken.
The Clerk reported that the pot holes in the parish had been reported previously to
Balfour Beatty and that she had requested a defect report from Balfour Beatty for
Dinedor, however they were unable to provide one as they had not got a system in
place at present that could give this information.
11. Public forum: no matters raised.
12. Lengthsman
The lengthsman informed Cllrs of the changes that Herefordshire Council and
Balfour Beatty were making in relation to verge cutting, which consisted of a
reduction on verge cutting in the parishes. From 3 cuts per year to 1 cut of the
verges per year.
The lengthsman Scheme will stay at present but Balfour Beatty will be looking at
work that the lengthsman can undertake. He also informed the PC that Balfour
Beatty were looking at those parishes that had the lengthsman scheme to maintain
existing drainage e.g. the ditches that take water of the road not ditches. Pipe work
under the road was the responsibility of the local authority (Herefordshire Council.)
With regard to pipe work that is coming off farmers land into an open ditch Balfour
Beatty will be co operating with landowners on this .
It was RESOLVED: that the lengthsman would cut back vegetation at road junctions,
road signs and the hedges on some bends where it was considered to be a health
and safety risk.
It was RESOLVED that; Clerk asks the lengthsman for a quote to cut all verges
throughout the parish.
It was RESOLVED that: The lengthsman continue with ditch work maintenance plan
in the Parish.
It was RESOLVED to: Delegate to the clerk to produce the lengthsman work orders
for work required in the parish.
13. Finance
13.1 bank balance noted as £10,040.67 (11/04/2014)
13.2RESOLVED: to pay:
Zurich Insurance annual renewal £310.69
ICO (Information Commissioners Office) annual renewal £35.00
13.3 BAC’s remittance of 1st instalment of precept payment 2014/15 £3150.00 noted
13.4Grant Thornton Annual Audit papers for year end accounts for year ending 31st
March 2014 noted
13.4 New Financial Regulations-It was RESOLVED to defer considering new financial
regulations until September
14. Dinedor Neighbourhood Plan
14.1 14.2 &14.3 Neighbourhood plan update. The clerk reported that she had
contacted Kirkwells as requested concerning the discussion documentation that had
been put together by the steering group There view was that is wass a good base to
start from. As requested a detailed fee proposal for their technical support to get the
rough draft from where it is now to a submitted plan had been put together from
Appendices B and C that there is a substantial amount of work still needed to
develop the actual and most important element of the plan, the policies.
14.4IT was RESOLVED: to accept the quote from Kirkwells for technical support
required to progress with the Dinedor Neighborhood plan.
14.5 It was RESOLVED: to apply for locality grant for Dinedor Neighborhood Plan
15. Planning
15.1Planning application for comment;
Site : Maes Y Felin Dinedor Hereford HR2 6PE
Description: Retention of unauthorized horse training ring and use of building for
equestrian use (retrospective)
It was RESOLVED that: The application is UNSUPPORTED by The Parish Council for
the following Material planning reasons :
The retrospective application is in conflict and contrary to UDP policies S1, DR1 E13
and LA1 all of which we outlined when the previous application that was made at
this site in March 2013 which was for “Erection of a general purpose agricultural
building and construction of a hard standing area” Application: 130614/F. With
regard to this retrospective application The PC would question the sustainability of
the site as in the first application it was stated that the building was to house sheep
during lambing and inclement weather, It has been noted that since planning
permission was granted there has be little evidence of sheep or lambing taking place
at the site, or any grazing .and therefore we would question if the site was
sustainable as part of the applicants farming enterprise. Horses have been on the site
for a number of months and the land has change dramatically during the past 6
months so much so that The Parish Council feel that the unauthorised changes that
have been made to this site have already and will continue to have an unacceptable
adverse impact in this rural location in open countryside. It is the view of the Parish
Council that there has been a significant increase in traffic on and off the site since
these changes have been made. The previous planning permission granted did not
have any identified parking spaces and yet in this retrospective application it states
that the existing number of car parking spaces are 10, even though this was not
stated in the previous application, The applicants agent states that “The applicant is
not seeking commercial use of the building or land, if this is the case then we
question the need for 10 car parking spaces. Over previous months it has been noted
that there has been external lighting of the site during the evening and it is the PC’s
view that this contributes to unacceptable light pollution in this rural location. The
Parish Council requests that this application is refused given the adverse detrimental
impact that this will have on the area and would again state that the application is
contrary to the UDP policies as stated above and the National Planning Policy
Framework Para14. Should planning permission be granted the Parish Council ask
that the following conditions are a applied to the granting of the application: 1 That
the parking spaces are limited to TWO as there seems no justification for the 10
proposed 2. That there is to be no parking of any Light good vehicles or over 3.5
tonnes on the site (even though none have been proposed in this application) 3. No
external lighting of the site is permitted after dusk this is to ensure that light
pollution is kept to a minimum as this is not a business or being used for commercial
purposes and the fact that it is open countryside.
16 Meetings
16.1 Next meeting of Hereford Entreprise Zone Stakeholder Group note as
12. Training
12.1 HALC training noted
13. Correspondence noted
13.1 HALC information corner
Zurich Renewal of Insurance
Letter from Western Power – Helping people to cope during power cuts
Letter from Balfour Beatty re Parish Lengthsman Scheme Grant for 2014/15 of
All correspondence received since the last meeting has been sent to Cllrs in their
agenda packs or via email as appropriate.
Tuesday 15th July2014