Dinedor Neighbourhood Plan

Our Vision for Dinedor Parish is to maintain its rural nature and to promote the health, well-being and sense of community of the residents.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? 

Neighbourhood Plans are a new part of the statutory development planning system.  Just as Herefordshire Council can produce plans to promote, guide and control development of houses, businesses, open spaces and other uses of land, parish councils can now have some control by preparing a neighbourhood plan.  the plan will now form part of the statutory development plan for Dinedor parish.  It will be used to promote and guide what goes where and will be used to help determine the parish council's response to planning applications.

What area does it cover?

It covers the whole of the parish area.  In the plan there is a map showing the parish boundary.

How has the draft plan been put together? 

A parish council steering group, made up of parish councillors and local people has put the plan together with the help of an external planning consultant.   The plan has been through a specified statutory process including multiple consultations with the public and national and local bodies, examination by Herefordshire Council to ensure both the process and result is consistent with legislation and Herefordshire Council's own Core Strategy and as a final stage has been considered by an independent examiner (again, part of the legal process) who has confirmed that the plan and process involved in completing the plan has met with statutory guidance, national and local planning law and is appropriate for our area.  The cost of the consultant has been paid for by a grant to the parish council and the costs of the independent examination and referendum are paid for by Herefordshire Council.


The referendum on the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Dinedor has now taken place and the plan received a majority yes vote meaning that it is now formal planning guidance.  The results of the poll can be found below

Result of Poll

Notice of Referendum

Notice of Poll

All of the documents that make up the plan can be found on the Herefordshire Council website by clicking on the link below:

Dinedor Neighbourhood Plan - Final Documents