Dinedor Neighbourhood Plan

Our Vision for Dinedor Parish is to maintain its rural nature and to promote the health, well-being and sense of community of the residents.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? 

Neighbourhood Plans are a new part of the statutory development planning system.  Just as Herefordshire Council can produce plans to promote, guide and control development of houses, businesses, open spaces and other uses of land, parish councils can now have some control by preparing a neighbourhood plan.  When complete, the plan will form part of the statutory development plan for Dinedor parish.  It will be used to promote and guide what goes where and will be used to help determine the parish council’s response to planning applications.

What area does it cover?

It covers the whole of the parish area.  In the draft plan there is a map showing the parish boundary.

How has the draft plan been put together? 

A parish council steering group, made up of parish councillors and local people

has put the draft together with the help of an external planning consultant.  The cost of the consultant has been paid for by a grant from Herefordshire Council.


Regulation 14 Consultation Period

A six week consultation period when residents, statutory bodies, neighbouring parishes and other interested parties can comment on the draft plan.  This consultation starts on Tuesday 31st October 2017 and will end on 12th December 2017.   Please take the time to look at the plan and let the Steering Group have your comments and suggestions so that the final plan truly reflects the wishes of the Parish.

Where can I obtain a copy of the draft plan?

You can obtain a copy by clicking on the button below.  Paper copies will be available at the two consultation events mentioned below and some copies will be left in the village hall.

When are the consultation events? 

There will be two consultation events:  In the village hall between 6.00pm and 7.15pm on Tuesday 21 November and on Saturday 2 December at the coffee morning between 10.30am and 12 noon.  Members of the Steering Group will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

How do I make my comments? 

Below is a link to a response form which you can complete and return to the Parish Clerk.  You do not have to use the form as long as you make your points as clearly as you can, making use of the policy and paragraph numbers in the plan, and giving your contact details.

Response Form

What is the closing date for comments? 

There is a mandatory six week consultation  period, starting on 31st October 2017 and finishing on 12th December 2017. Your comments must be received by the parish clerk by 12 December.  Her contact details and       e mail address are on the form and can be found on the back of the draft plan.

 What happens at the end of the consultation? 

All comments will be brought together and the steering group will meet to look at the comments and do a report for the parish council to consider at its  meeting on 16th January 2018.   The date of the next Steering Group meeting will appear on the website in due course.  The parish council will take into account all the comments received and decide any changes needed to be made to the draft plan.

 What happens after that? 

Page 8 of the plan shows all the stages of the plan which are set out in the legislation.  This consultation is stage 3.  Once the  plan is revised (stage 4), it will be submitted to Herefordshire Council (stage 5) who will consult upon it (stage 6).  It will then go to an external examiner, (stage 7) and afterwards to a referendum (stage 8).  The referendum is a vote for local people on whether or not they wish the plan to be accepted.  All parishioners on the electoral roll will have a vote.  If the outcome is support for the plan, it becomes part of the planning process. (stage 9 – final stage).


If you would like further information about the process of setting up a Neighbourhood Development Plan and how it will benefit the community, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07977 675 456 or via email at Dinedorparishcouncil@gmail.com.