Community Asset Transfer

A couple of years ago, Herefordshire Council (HC) produced a schedule of assets it wished to dispose of to reduce costs.

Dinedor CAT plan
Click the image to enlarge – The site plan of the Camp showing the area to be acquired bounded in red is shown on the plan below.

This included Dinedor Camp and several other outdoor areas such as Queenswood, Bodenham Lakes and others. The Parish Council (PC) realised it could mean that Dinedor Camp may end up on the open market and discovered that HC must offer it to the PC as a transfer of a public asset under the Localism Act before it could be sold off and so decided to consider acquisition and set up a consultation process with the Parish.

Following the Parish Consultation that supported the possible acquisition of Dinedor camp by the Parish in Sept 2014, the PC carried out a Due Diligence process and the final report from the appointed Solicitor was received just before the January 2015 meeting and reported to the PC and the members of the public present.

There were no issues identified that would stop us proceeding and after due discussion the PC resolved to go ahead with the acquisition in the sum of £1. After a lengthy legal process, completion of the transfer took place on 18th October.

A management steering group has been formed comprising two Councillors, two members of Dinedor Heritage Group, two members from Dinedor Outdoor Centre and two members of the public. This group will consider whether there are advantages to an alternative structure for the group to manage the Camp and look at how the Conservation Management Plan can be put into action. The group currently meets monthly and reports to the Parish Council at each meeting. For further information on the work of the Management Group or to volunteer to join the group or help with maintenance of the Camp, please contact the Parish Clerk.